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2012-12-26 08:30 pm

This is by and large an archive now.

Most of the entries here have been access locked. A lot of good thoughts here, but many of the concepts were nascent at best, and now that I've had more time to explore them and myself I've realized it's time to move on. I'll be writing under a new name, in a new way, on a different landscape—to meet a fuller set of needs, and to express a richer truth—a deeper paradox.

Thank you for sharing in this exploration.
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2012-11-07 12:09 am

Some powerful thoughts on an election night to remember:

There are things in this world which are good and powerful beyond all contrivance. To those who seek and find such things, persist tirelessly in seeking, hold fast to your hard won victories, and sing them from the mountaintops.

I'm convinced in this moment that anyone's most important work in life can be encapsulated by that simply stated ethic. Of course, practicing such an ethic is far from simple and straightforward, especially where its essential element, seeking, is concerned. To effectively seek in this vein can require shedding heavy skins, like carapace, which have been fixed for long periods of time, and which restrict crucial movements. It can mean embracing honesty which injures oneself or even others before it has a chance to heal. It can mean giving up dreams like an addict gives up drugs, and then playing with more intoxicating, more dangerous dreams. It requires both engulfing personal engagement and perfect, clean detachment. It requires dancing with the devils and angels and other strange beasts of one's own nature, and those of others' natures still—experiencing all, considering all, rejecting all, careful analysis, and drawing intricate lines on the maps of mind while readying the furnace in anticipation of those maps' disheartening betrayals. Its success hinges upon getting lucky, and also upon creating such luck by knowing where to seek, and where to find.

Knowledge is the vehicle for this work, this seeking, as well as the reward to be reaped from it. Knowledge, the ultimate decider as well as the paramount goal: Value it, guard it, grow it, shape it mindfully so that you may do well to live by it. Because you will, regardless, as will everyone around you.

Consider politics in the light of the decisive power of knowledge. The most profound, powerful political action one can take is simply to educate themselves and others about all that is good and powerful, and how to find it. Politics is so much larger, and so much more fundamental to our existence, than elections and wedge issues. At its most basic politics is management of decisive knowledge on a large scale, among many people, and amid that pervasive decisive knowledge exists the preponderance of our individual livelihoods—our private lives, our close friendships, our intimate considerations, the pathways of our minds, and the foundations for the propagation of our selves and our imperatives for better or worse. Sound political action is not only a cornerstone of our government come election time; it is a cornerstone of our very existence as people.

So to those who seek and find what is good and powerful beyond all contrivance: Seek boldly; speak loudly, because we need you. We need your effort, and we especially your knowledge, because that precious knowledge is what will determine the course of all that is to come.
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2012-10-03 12:56 pm

Some Remarks on "Heavy Petting"

Just a quick note for dyed-in-the-wool atheists. Hey I know nothing about that, right? Hahahaha, no actually I know everything about it so I also know it's necessary for me to explain the following:

I remember someone recounting a few sexual experiences to me, and in the course of doing so letting slip the term "heavy petting" when talking about what they did with a prospective partner. It's something they'd been taught in their sex education classes; I know because I asked them, "Who the hell says 'heavy petting'?"

I know that people are trying to be neutral when using terms like that. They're trying to avoid terminology which might actually evoke the powerful feelings, experiences, memories, etc. associated with, in the case of "heavy petting", sexual activity. That's fine for sex education class, because no teacher wants to embarrass their teenage students. But nobody, if they're trying to communicate the truth of their sexual experiences, is going to use the term "heavy petting" to describe them, because it doesn't embody the truth of such experiences at all.

It's pretty obvious where I'm going with this: I talk about a lot of heavy things here, and I talk about things that are controversial to the scientifically materialist minded among us. I talk about things for which such people might demand some kind of objective proof, because I use language which implies that I'm not "just imagining" it. Because that's the polite thing to do when recounting experiences of this nature, right? Say it's a matter of imagination and nothing else?

So what other subjective experiences are matters of "imagination"? Feelings? Relationships? Mental disorders? Things that people have put countless hours of research into trying to figure out because our advancement depends on it?

When I talk about things like divinity, G/gods, spirits, demons, and so on, I'm talking about things which have been around since people developed the capacity to experience them. Like so many other subjective phenomena, we haven't lost this ability simply due to the fact that we've become extremely technologically proficient and accumulated stupendous amounts of knowledge about the intricate workings of the physical universe. People experience things in this vein, not out of ignorance, but because it's natural, and it's something that we have to learn how to deal with.

Divinity, in particular, is a concept which I see as extremely important. I think that the majority of people today have an innate sense of divinity, but of late the trend in intellectual circles has been to attach this sense to things other than G/gods. I would love for people to explore, openly and honestly, whether or not this is a sound thing to do. I'm not saying that we should all adopt the G/gods of old, but perhaps we should acknowledge that accompanying this sense of the divine is a sense for the people who embody it, and figure out what to do about that. Even if it means imbuing the characters of modern mythologies, like the Final Fantasy series, with the concept of G/god. I'm encountering more and more people who have done just that sort of thing.

If people were to embrace the trend of moving away from abusive parent gods, and toward these more genuine embodiments of the divine, maybe we could even more rapidly empty the pews of egregiously flawed religious institutions.

I say, unapologetically, that I sense the divine, that I talk to perliminal entities, and that I work in the paradigm that I work in, because that is what I do. That is what people have long done, and rather than doll up such activities with permissible parlance so that they may be acceptable to materialist sensibilities, maybe it's time that people explored them for what they are. Because it's a part of us, and it has always been a part of us. Because, for that reason, it matters.
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2012-09-25 08:27 pm
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Thinking about making a word: Dialiminal?

I've decided I can't bring myself to outright appropriate "subliminal" like I've been doing. It always felt... icky, to be honest. I just couldn't think of an appropriate alternative.

I've been the word "subliminal" to describe experiences of which one is fully conscious, but ones which are experienced by what some may deem the astral body. They're akin to experiences of sensory phenomena, but don't produce sensations which are as potent as sensory phenomena, usually. I also use the word to describe entities perceived in this manner, like G/gods and spirits.

The problem with that is, of course, that it goes against the accepted and, well, right definition "subliminal". A "subliminal" experience is something below the threshold of conscious experience. It's something that is affecting, however only because it produces adjunct conscious phenomena. The subliminal cause of these adjunct phenomena typically remains a mystery.

So I need a new word to accurately describe what the hell I'm getting at, because it matters, dammit! Ideally I want the word to be a prefix + "liminal", because "liminal" is so appropriate. I'm thinking "dialiminal", meaning something which dwells around the proverbial edge, and basically exists on both sides of it. Something which exists across the boundary between consciousness and the subconscious depths.

I'll have to think about this more. Anyone have any suggestions?

Edit: I also don't like the word "astral" for use when describing these kinds of phenomena. It's one of those words with too much baggage.