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I've decided I can't bring myself to outright appropriate "subliminal" like I've been doing. It always felt... icky, to be honest. I just couldn't think of an appropriate alternative.

I've been the word "subliminal" to describe experiences of which one is fully conscious, but ones which are experienced by what some may deem the astral body. They're akin to experiences of sensory phenomena, but don't produce sensations which are as potent as sensory phenomena, usually. I also use the word to describe entities perceived in this manner, like G/gods and spirits.

The problem with that is, of course, that it goes against the accepted and, well, right definition "subliminal". A "subliminal" experience is something below the threshold of conscious experience. It's something that is affecting, however only because it produces adjunct conscious phenomena. The subliminal cause of these adjunct phenomena typically remains a mystery.

So I need a new word to accurately describe what the hell I'm getting at, because it matters, dammit! Ideally I want the word to be a prefix + "liminal", because "liminal" is so appropriate. I'm thinking "dialiminal", meaning something which dwells around the proverbial edge, and basically exists on both sides of it. Something which exists across the boundary between consciousness and the subconscious depths.

I'll have to think about this more. Anyone have any suggestions?

Edit: I also don't like the word "astral" for use when describing these kinds of phenomena. It's one of those words with too much baggage.


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