Date: 2012-10-04 08:31 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] coffeevore
coffeevore: Text written in paint: "You can only see as far as you think". (You can only see as far as you think.)
Yeah... I definitely think a lot of atheists don't have the first clue about what genuinely spiritual people are doing and feeling. And that is because they hear churchy people throwing around words that they really can't relate to. Someone who doesn't really feel Christianity isn't that likely to suddenly grok what it means to "welcome Jesus into your heart"; they're only going to know if they're used to trying to search for comparisons between their own individual experiences and the things that those Christians might be feeling when they say that.

If you're young and being raised in the church and told that these experiences are specific to your religion's god, you're going to assume it's just something you've never felt. In my case, I was hesitant to assume I felt the same thing for anything else because I didn't know what the Christian idea of it was supposed to mean, so I couldn't compare what I felt to it. Translation and censorship didn't help. I felt like I was probably doing the "wrong thing" or choosing for the "wrong reason" when I chose my confirmation name on account of Final Fantasy, even though we weren't told we had to pick a specific name for a specific reason, and I'm sure a lot of people secretly just chose names they liked with no deep significance or anything... still, I thought I might be doing it wrong. Because I think I was worried it would be a mistake to equate what I felt for RPGs to what I was supposed to feel at church-- for one thing, I was so bad at feeling for church that I didn't want to diminish RPGs like that, and for another, I didn't want to be incorrect on something that would make me feel so silly and ridiculous if I later realised I was wrong. I think I just didn't want to plunge into such a drastic assertion unless I was really sure, because I didn't want to make a fool of myself. So I kind of didn't let myself think about it too hard or reach any conclusions. But if I'd had some encouragement that it was okay to perform religion in any way other than what was linked to my church, I think I would have known.

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