Date: 2012-09-28 07:36 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] coffeevore
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Alright, I understand a little bit better now where I might fail to communicate clearly about this. I'll have to be careful about that in the future! I really appreciate your curiosity here, and it just so happened to alert me to this.

Ah, no problem! I'm glad it helped.

I don't know how to better describe perliminal experience presently. I say "below the threshold of sensory perception" hoping to accurately present what I experience, but I understand now why that statement can be confusing. There's also the possibility of describing it as seeing with the mind's senses (the mind's ears and eyes and so on), but that's just not what mind is to me.

Ahaha. Hmm. To me, that would definitely have been more like "visualizing" than anything. Which seems like it ought to be the wrong word because it isn't necessarily "visual" and there's nothing being "-ized", but I have so very often read things teaching a technique they're calling "visualizing" which amount to pretty much exactly that.

I'm often fussing about how words that mean one thing have been narrowed/altered by common assumptions to mean something else, and one can no longer use them without baggage-- but this is an example of almost the opposite thing. I don't think I'd ever use the term "visualize" if I were leaning only on the etymology, but almost everyone understands that it's a metaphor for other senses as well. And it's always getting used in magical/spiritual contexts to mean what I want to mean, so it works for me (provided I'm talking to people who are familiar with that kind of use, and know that I mean to sharply visualize, not just to imagine something in any old vague way.)

I suppose one of the problems with it is that it has a connotation of being deliberately initiated by the visualizer-- but then again, I tend to find that one does have to try to pay attention to things like that or they'll go away anyhow, so there may be some subtle element of that in any such experience...
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