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Alright, I understand a little bit better now where I might fail to communicate clearly about this. I'll have to be careful about that in the future! I really appreciate your curiosity here, and it just so happened to alert me to this.

I say what you describe at the end is perliminal experience in a nutshell. It might be a mistake for me to say that such experience occurs below the threshold of sensory perception. The reason why I describe it as such is that, for me, perliminal experience gives rise to something so akin to sensory perception that the two sometimes coincide. When I feel a column as I stand on the grounds of the perliminal Temple, I feel it. If I stare off into the blue sky when I look up from my laptop (sometimes I code there), I see it. I see the annex before it. If I look to my right I see the valley below perliminal Mt. Kailash. It's that intense.

Sometimes I hear things in the sound of the AC in my house. Specifically, I hear the radio playing in sounds of the vents. Sometimes I hear people talking, like on a talk show. It's such a convincing phenomena that I still, even though it's happened time and time again, wonder if I had turned the radio on low volume at some point. Ultimately it amounts to faulty apprehension by some part of my brain, but that doesn't change the fact that I really hear the sound of the radio when the AC is on. It's a genuine sensory perception, even though there's no physical basis for it. Whether or not a perception is sensory, at least to me, has everything to do with the quality of the perception itself.

I suppose a perliminal sight is a nonsensory perception with the qualities of vision. It provides a picture to experience, with color, texture, depth, and so on. Just like sensory vision, when asked to describe the perliminal sights at the Temple, I could describe any number of qualities which are usually discerned by vision.

What's presently most fascinating to me is the quality of my perliminal auditory sensation. In particular, Jasaya's voice. She has a voice, but I noticed earlier that I'll be damned if I could truly describe it all that well. I don't know why I can't describe her voice the way I might be able to describe a normal person's voice, aside from being sex-neutral. Maybe because there are some other qualities that perliminality allows which don't come through the senses. Maybe in addition to being something rich and captivating unto itself, perliminal experience shares qualities with sensory perception. It's just not all there is to it.

Anyway, that's kind of rambling... I don't know how to better describe perliminal experience presently. I say "below the threshold of sensory perception" hoping to accurately present what I experience, but I understand now why that statement can be confusing. There's also the possibility of describing it as seeing with the mind's senses (the mind's ears and eyes and so on), but that's just not what mind is to me. Geez, maybe I need to write more about how I categorize all of my conscious phenomena! Because everyone loves to digest that stuff! Hah! :P (I'm just poking fun at myself.)

If you've got any suggestions I'm more than open, because as always it seems I have more to figure out!
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