Date: 2012-09-26 07:57 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] coffeevore
coffeevore: A person in a subdued, closed-in room, looking out a bright sunny window. (looking outward)
Hmm, yeah... I've been struggling with how to verbalise certain things like this.

For example, sometimes I "see" a hint of something that, if I look again, I don't physically see. It's as if I physically saw a blurry dark spot, but only when I wasn't looking directly at it or asking myself whether I saw anything there. It was definitely coming to me as if it were a real visual impression, but if I use the typical focused visual scrutiny that one uses to purposefully determine whether something visible was showing or not, the visual impression disappears. (And I think I know what it is, and it is definitely there, but just not normally visible.)

I'm not sure if it's truly sub-liminal, because it's not like this thing is just too small to see, or my vision is too poor, or anything. But I don't know what it is. Perhaps it reflects the wrong wavelength of light for my eyes? In that case, it probably would be sub-liminal. But perhaps it's rather that I didn't receive any visual impression at all, but rather some other impression that my brain translated as visual because it wasn't sure how to get the impression across to me. In that case, maybe it would be more dia-liminal? (I'm not even sure how to tell. I didn't call these things here.) Or do you think that, by nature of their being a visual/scientifically-accepted-five-sensory* perception, that makes them more of a sub-liminal type?

* I really need a more succinct word for that, but I mean "the five senses that not only does everyone admit to, but scientific evidence recorded by them tends to 'count' in people's estimate." There are others that everybody admits to having, such as a sense of direction, but somehow those don't count those in the basic five that people always talk about? idk.

I basically don't have a good way to verbalise "I saw something but didn't actually see it, but it definitely left an impression on my eyes, but it wasn't the kind of seeing that actually stood up under my attempt to look at it." =D
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